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DIY Home Security

DragonFly Security System

At Sentry Systems we take pride in our professionally installed commercial and residential security systems. However, we have an option for those you of you who prefer to do it yourself (DIY). We have partnered with DragonFly Security, and we believe you will like the multitude of options this self-installed system has to offer.

Below we've detailed the benefits of using the DragonFly Security System in a DIY Household.

Total Security

The DragonFly Security System can secure your entire home with indoor and outdoor cameras that can be installed up to 1000 ft. from the Hub. Hubs support up to 25 cameras, giving you the freedom to secure as many entrances, outdoor areas, and assets as you need.


The DragonFly app and in-the-box instructions walks you through the entire setup and installation process. Complete technical support is available if you need additional help or have questions about your system.

Community Watch

Add family, trusted neighbors and friends as users or followers on your system for backup alarm response and remote system management when you’re unavailable. Create a virtual neighborhood security network to help combat crime in your community.

Smartphone Control

When your system is armed and motion is detected on your property you’ll get a “Motion Detected” alert on your phone and a video clip to review the cause of the activity. You choose whether to dismiss the alert, disarm the system, or dispatch to police.

You can also review your system’s event log, request pictures from any MotionViewer Camera, view picture/video gallery, and manage users and followers on your system.

Professionally Monitored

The DragonFly Security System offers two monitoring plans, Basic andPremium, to fit the needs of your home.Pay your service provider month-to-month and upgrade or cancel at your convenience. See the back page for additional details on monitoring plans.

Video Verified

If an alert shows a real threat, simply tap “Dispatch” on the app to send the video to the professional monitoring station for dispatch to the police/first responders. Many police departments treat video-verified alarms as a crime-in-progress and respond with priority over non-verified alarms.